About the Network

  • About the Network
    The Network is a collaboration between TEA, ESC Region 11, and TCSA. The purpose of the Network is continuous improvement within the charter sector through support for charters of all types in all stages of development – from application to renewal to sustainability and expansion.
    Message from the Texas Education Agency

    The Texas Charter School Technical Assistance Network, referred to as The Network, involves the collaborative efforts of the Texas Education Agency, Education Service Center Region 11, and the Texas Charter School Association to provide an extensive support system for charter schools in Texas with the ultimate goal of bringing more training and technical support to charters than ever before. By working together to help the schools get set up and maintained properly, charter school officials can focus their energies on academics and innovative education approaches.

    The Network was developed in 2012 to provide support personnel and services to offer onsite technical support for newly awarded charter schools; to offer training for administrators, teachers, and board members of newly awarded charters; to respond to phone and email inquiries about Texas charters from new charter personnel, potential charter applicants, and the general public; to offer all charters the opportunity to access a research-based continuous improvement tool (Quality Framework) to help public charter schools assess quality and improve academic, financial, and operational effectiveness; and to work collaboratively to support and improve the Texas charter school movement. 

    The Texas charter school system has the propensity to be the most innovative and stellar charter system in the nation.  It is our hope that our collaborative efforts will make great strides in this direction.

    The mission of the public education system of this state is to ensure that all Texas children have access to a quality education that enables them to achieve their potential.  Today, Texas has 1,236 public school districts and charters and more than 4.8 million students. The Texas Education Agency serves as the primary support for the Texas’ school districts and charters and provides the direction, administration, and resources for all primary and secondary public education in our state.  In serving in this capacity it is the mission of TEA to provide leadership, guidance, and resources to help schools meet the educational needs of all students and prepare them for success in the global economy.

    Under the leadership of the commissioner of education, the TEA:

    • Administers the distribution of state and federal funding to public schools;
    • Administers the statewide assessment program and accountability system;
    • Provides support to the State Board of Education (SBOE) in the development of the statewide curriculum;
    • Assists the SBOE in the instructional materials adoption process and managing the instructional materials distribution process;
    • Administers a data collection system on public school information;
    • Performs the administrative functions and services of the State Board for Educator Certification;
    • Supports agency operations, including carrying out duties related to the Permanent School Fund; and
    • Monitors for compliance with certain federal and state guidelines.
    Region 11  
    ESC Region 11  is one of 20 state-wide education service centers who play an integral role in the provision of necessary and essential services to school districts and charter schools in the implementation of school reform and school improvement by preparing Texas teachers to meet the ever increasing demands of the STAAR and EOC tests. The departments listed below offer support on these topics as well as other areas.

    Administration, Leadership Development and Certification provides support for campus and district administrators, instructional leaders, and school boards. This department also assists with grants, accountability, public relations, assessment and alternative certification.
    Co-operatives, Shared Service Arrangements and School Support Services include support for counselors, Head Start, Migrant, Purchasing Cooperatives, Title I, Part A, Title II, Part D Technology. Also service and support is available for Bilingual / (ESL), Bus Driver Training, Career and Technology Education (CATE), Child Nutrition, Classroom Management, Counselors, Instructional Media, Library Services, School Safety, and Special Education.
    Information Management Services & Business/Finance provides support to districts with Business Services, PEIMS, Student Services, and School Finance.

    Instructional Support & Curriculum offers workshops and professional development for content subject areas, screening and assessment, STAAR, Gifted and Talented, Access to General Curriculum among other related programs.
    Texas Charter Schools Association  
    TCSA is a statewide Association representing more than 448 charter schools and educating more than 135,000 students in every part of our great state. The Association advocates in Austin and Washington D.C. for member schools, improves their academic and financial performance through the implementation of the TCSA Quality Framework, and provides member services for school operators, board members, and staff. TCSA also hosts an annual statewide conference, one of the largest gatherings of charter schools in the nation.
    The mission of the Texas Charter Schools Association is to accelerate student achievement in Texas by empowering a diverse set of effective and quality-driven charter schools.

    A set of guiding principles shapes this mission:
    1. Unify and represent diverse types of effective and quality-driven charter schools that enhance student achievement.
    2. Help create a better definition of an effective charter school that incorporates growth and complements the existing accountability system’s status measures of academic performance.
    3. Support member schools to improve their effectiveness in meeting educational mission and progress towards student excellence.
    4. Advocate in the Texas legislature and broader public for effective charter schools as a critical part of the overall public education system.
    5. Provide fee-based services to member schools to reduce their costs while building a self-sustaining organization.