• Quality Framework
    About the Quality Framework

    TCSA’s Quality Framework (QF) is a research-based, continuous improvement tool and process designed by charter leaders in conjunction with the University of Texas at Austin’s Institute for Public School Initiatives. The Quality Framework helps public charter schools assess quality and improve academic, financial, and operational effectiveness. The tool measures school effectiveness across ten systems that contribute ultimately to student success.

    Through the Network, TCSA will provide the Quality Framework self-assessment tool to all open-enrollment, university, and campus charter schools. At no additional cost to the school, every charter school that is interested in the tool will be able to access the QF portal. Using the Quality Framework tool and process, existing charter school leaders may engage in strategic planning processes, district/campus improvement plans, comprehensive needs assessments, board reports, annual reports, grant applications, and more.

    The TCSA Quality Framework is a cutting-edge online tool that is continually helpful for charter schools at every Phase of the school’s development.


    TCSA also hosts monthly webinars to demonstrate access to and usefulness of the QF tool. The webinar will last approximately 45 minutes and will be conducted by a TCSA Quality Initiatives staff member. View the Network calendar of events to check for upcoming Quality Framework webinars (link to calendar).

    Here are previously recorded Quality Framework webinars:
    TCSA Quality Framework SGP and SSM Overview
    TCSA Quality Framework Self-Assessment and Reports Overview
    Quality Framework Reports and Data Overview

    For more information about the Quality Framework tool, contact Telca Porras, Quality Initiatives Senior Advisor. Join our mailing list to get weekly updates on how to engage in your continuous improvement process.