• Financial Assessment & Improvement
    These one-on-one consultations with charter school finance experts will help build the capacity of charter school business officials who are responsible for complying with exacting fund accounting standards and financial reporting requirements in a fast-paced environment. The assessments will help charter schools prepare in advance for their annual financial audits, Charter FIRST, TEA’s financial solvency review, and more. Individuals who will assist schools are charter school finance experts who serve on TCSA faculty for its school finance trainings and webinars. The Network will provide up to five financial assessments per fiscal year.

    Schools will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis, and identified for this opportunity based on a combination of TEA’s referral, a school’s self-referral, and TCSA’s referral of schools that score relatively low on the Quality Framework’s financial indicators. The financial assessment will be directed toward a particular financial issue such as budgeting, annual financial audits, Charter FIRST, financial solvency review, grants management, or other issues.

    The assessment will not include the actual performance of financial services on the charter school’s behalf. Such services can be provided by the school itself or by a third party.

    For more information on Financial Assessment & Improvement services, contact Laura Kelly, TCSA Director of Quality Services, at lkelly@txcharterschools.org.