Texas Charter
School Assistance
& Support

theNetwork provides support and technical assistance for newly-awarded charters in their first three years of operation.

Our Purpose

Provide high-quality support to the Texas charter school portfolio, ensuring effective launch of new schools and access to resources necessary to continuously improve school performance.

Provide support to strengthen the development and continuation of quality charter schools in the state of Texas beginning with their pre-operational (year 0) year.

Assist new charter leaders to improve charter school operations, fulfill managerial and business office functions/requirements, meet academic accountability.

Provide information to the public regarding the Texas Charter School Portfolio.

Charter School Summit

The Charter School Summit presents successful models and strategies for implementing and sustaining high academic and financial performance in charter schools to enhance the quality of the Texas charter school portfolio.

Charter Leader Mentoring Program

Provide mentoring support for charter superintendents in the pre-operational year (Year 0) and the first year of operation (Year 1). Mentoring support includes:

  • one-on-one commitment hours for discussion and brainstorming on issues facing new leaders;
  • a job shadowing visit to glean best practices from a high-performing charter school

Become A Mentor

Our mentoring program is always interested in recruiting experienced charter leaders to apply to our pool of mentors to support charter leaders during their first years of implementation.

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