is a collaboration
    Texas Education Agency,
    Education Service Center
    Region 11, and Texas
    Schools Association.
    The purpose of theNetwork is
    continuous improvement within
    charter sector through
    for charters of all types
    in all
    stages of development
    from application to renewal 
    to sustainability and expansion.
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Latest News

  • Congratulations to the new Generation 19 charters
    • Beta Academy (Houston)
    • High Point Academy (Fort Worth)
    • Ki Charter Academy (San Marcos)
    • The Excel Center (Austin)
    • Trinity Environmental Academy (Dallas)

TCSA Conference
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Launch Innovation in Education.

The annual Texas Charter Schools Association Conference, scheduled for December 10-12 in Houston, is the only statewide gathering of the entire Texas charter school community. More than 1,300 charter school advocates including teachers, administrators, board members, policy makers, and vendors will gather for training, networking, and sharing best practices for charter effectiveness and compliance. Ultimately, we gather to continue striving for high quality for our charter students.